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Sunday Solution FYI: Sugar impedes Vitamin C Absorption!

When your immune system is under attack it needs to quickly produce new immune cells.  It struggles to do this in the presence of sugar. Therefore it seems counter productive to add sugar to a vitamin C product that is marketed to boost the immune system. Glucose and ascorbic acid are constantly competing for insulin transport. Sugar decreases the amount of ascorbic acid that enters cells and thus has the ability to weaken a healthy immune response. If you are now wondering why many vitamin C manufacturers add sugar or a form of sugar to their vitamin C drink mixes or chewable tablets, you are definitely not alone. While we don't like to bash manufacturers, we urge you to be a careful label reader...

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You & This Cute Little Guy Share The Same Trait That Can Negatively Impact Your Health

  You nor this guinea pig make vitamin C, but both YOU & HE need a sufficient amount, ALL DAY LONG to combat the daily immune assaults that lurk far and near! Are you ingesting ample vitamin C ALL DAY LONG the way Mother Nature intended? If your answer is "No" you are not alone, but surprisingly a diet soley rich in fruits and vegetables is not enough! It is even recommended to supplement a pet guinea pig's diet with vitamin C because with all the munching they do ALL DAY LONG, today's nutrient deficient soil does not yield vitamin and mineral crops that are rich enough!  Your need for vitamin C increases with stress too! Think about that the next time you have a...

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