Vitamin C and The Influence It Has on Your Blood Sugar Level

Trying to overcome those evil sugar cravings that always muddy the water when it comes to the health of your immune system?  Knowing our consumers love good news and real solutions, we decided to put together this short, but sweet blog post :)

To give a little evolutionary history, we humans had the ability to create our own vitamin C 25-45 million years ago (as we've mentioned numerous times in other blog posts). Due to a gene mutation that occurred during that same time, we no longer have access to that function that synthesized vitamin C from glucose, just as it is accomplished to this day in almost all animals.  However, vitamin C still shares the same transport system in our blood so it actually competes with sugar for absorption! This can be a disaster when it comes to your good intended desire to support your immune system, hence the reason you'll never find a morsel of sugar in any of the Sufficient C LLC formulations.

WARNING: If you have found that your blood glucose level is high, your immune system is at risk!!!

Now for the pleasant and sweet news...Significant reductions in glucose concentrations have been observed in patients with diabetes who have adequately increased their vitamin C intake. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider vitamin C consumption as a feasible strategy to help lower your blood glucose.

and...we know you're going to love this one...Vitamin C levels can influence your ability to burn approximately 30% more fat during a moderate workout! So from the perspective of having an easier time losing weight, there is a clear connection between a diet rich in vitamin C vs. one that is not!

O.k. we don't want to kill all the indulgence that so many anticipate all year Halloween, nor are we here to recommend carrots because they’re orange 😂, but we do want to emphasize moderation and the unfortunate fact that you will need more vitamin C after indulging in sugary sweets given the free radical damage they create.

The benefits of adequate vitamin C consumption extend beyond blood glucose levels. 

  • Your wounds will heal better/faster
  • Your ability to fight viral and bacterial infections will increase
  • You'll be better able to reduce your blood cholesterol levels
  • Your skin quality will improve with better vitamin C supported collagen production
  • You'll be able to support a healthy thyroid
  • You'll be able to combat adrenal fatigue

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