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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

My Mother Was The Necessity Behind My Invention.

How Sufficient C LLC Came To Be, by Caralyn Vessal


When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, she struggled with the physical effects of her disease as well as her chosen conventional cancer treatment, while I was struggling with a lot of worry and concern regarding both her health and treatment.

Knowing that the body's need for vitamin C is increased when stressed with illness, it was clear to me that my mother was not getting nearly enough! As a very persistent daughter, I think it is fair to say that she was getting tired of my mantra that included high-dosed-dietary-supplementation ( as well as many other alternative modes of natural healing). She even professed that she was unwilling to add yet a “single other vitamin supplement” to her daily routine! This was terribly concerning to me because I was scared she was already not getting ample nutritional support from diet and supplementation to help support the challenges of her disease and the consequences of her chemical cancer treatment. Dehydration, requiring many emergency room visits seemed to be at the top of the list.

Vitamin C is imperative for a healthy functioning immune system. Getting truly sufficient amounts can be tough, particularly so during times of illness, when the body’s immune system needs increased immune support throughout the  day….Yes, you read that correctly…throughout the day! Vitamin C is not stored for very long given it is a water soluble vitamin. Therefore we must be unrelenting in our dosing for sufficient support. So sad that so many actually lie in hospital beds trying to fight off infections, but rarely if ever are prescribed  the vitamin C their immune system desperately needs from their “trusted” physicians.

We all know to include vitamin C in our diet to avoid Scurvy, but the sorely low recommended daily allowance, RDA, can do little more than that. It can’t adequately support an immune system that needs to combat viruses and bacteria on a daily basis all-year-round…and certainly can not support chronic disease! This is why the idea that ramping up immune support exclusively in the colder months can be very detrimental to a starving immune system.

Just to give you a point of reference, a mid size orange provides about  50 grams of vitamin C. The RDA for a woman regardless of her size is 75 mg and for a man, 90 mg. In comparison a 150 pound animal creates approximately 15,000 mg. of vitamin C a day naturally and even more when stressed! Bigger animals make more! Our ancestors lost this ability to create similar amounts of vitamin C due to a gene mutation 25-45 million years ago but our  ancestors diet was rich in vitamin C abundant vegetation grown from mineral rich soil.

Doctors rarely if ever promote the importance of vitamin C in the prevention or treatment of the various infectious and chronic ailments that abound. If you need proof of this statement, just think back to a time that you or a family member might have been suffering and/or even hospitalized with an infection. Was vitamin C prescribed? If so how much?  Consider yourself one of the very lucky few if your answer was yes and the amount offered even remotely came close to 15,000 mg.

High dose vitamin C  has been reported to help ward off infections like the flu, promote collagen production and reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.  Patients adhering to nutrition rich programs are known to have less side effects, suffer less nausea and benefit from reduced pain and swelling following radiation.  They also benefit from faster healing after surgery because vitamin C promotes collagen production and collagen production promotes healing! Yet it is incredibly unfortunate that oncologists do not promote vitamin C, leaving patients to draw the false conclusion that,  “if my oncologist doesn’t support vitamin C, it has no merit.”

There have been many many orthomolecular physicians such as Dr. Hugh Riordan, Dr. Ron Hunninghake, Dr. Abram Hoffer,  Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, Dr. Linus Pauling,  Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Andrew Saul and Dr. Suzanne Humphries that have championed its effectiveness and believe that  I.V. vitamin C and high dosed oral vitamin C are helpful treatments to have in ones arsenal when battling cancer,  bacterial and viral infections as well as being able to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.  I just need to find a way to get my mother to use more of it.

 After searching far and wide, I soon realized that there was nothing on the market that had the attributes of a delicious, refreshing, high dose vitamin C drink that encourages frequent and compelling hydration and vitamin C fortification. Sufficient-C® Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix  was born out of my need to help my mother and perhaps the many other patients out there that  must be experiencing similar struggles.

In formulating a high dosed immune supportive drink mix, I knew that sweetening it with sugar was not an option since cancer is known to feed on sugar. Many holistic treatment protocols expressly avoid sugar.  Therefore it was obviously counterproductive to add sugar to a vitamin C drink mix. It is also a little known fact that sugar actually impedes vitamin C absorption.  Yet, many vitamin C supplements on the market actually contain sugar or equally troubling, artificially sweeteners which are known to cause cancer to the detriment of trusting consumers. An organic grade stevia was my perfectly, sweet, natural solution. I have always been a stevia proponent. I knew when high quality stevia is used judiciously it is quite satisfying. Natural plant based fruit extracts were also used for a real, natural flavor.

Solubility was equally important because…let’s face it…looks matter too when it comes to long term commitment to a dietary supplement drink mix. Often “healthier“ drink mixes for various reasons, do not fully dissolve in water. It is not at all appetizing to see particles floating, sinking or sticking to the side of a beverage glass. As a result, it was imperative that my creation be 100% water soluble too.

Sufficient-C® offers flavor with function in the form of a hydrating, satisfying immune supportive drink mix . It is a refreshing, seamless  solution for those that are tired of the daunting task of swallowing many pills and capsules and simply need and want more vitamin C, but we didn’t stop there. Sufficient-C® also contains generous doses of L-lysine, bromelain and a 94% pure, patented, caffeine free green tea extract too for outstanding immune and inflammation support like never before!

Now every person, regardless of where they lie on the health spectrum can benefit and actually enjoy flavor with function in each satisfying, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and sugar-free sip thanks to my dear mother. In my case, my mother was the necessity behind my invention.

We are quite proud that we have earned the coveted Riordan Clinic Seal of Approval, given their great strides in the use and promotion of vitamin C for health and healing and proudly display it upon our label,

By spreading out vitamin C  dosing throughout the day, immune support is optimized with the similar benefit that our ancestors afforded 25-45 million years ago!

Drink with meals, after a hot, steamy work-out or just because... The convenient scoop allows for the ease of customized dosing because we all have different health needs.

High dosed supplementation doesn’t get more refreshing nor compelling than Sufficient-C®!


We drink to your health!™