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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

My Mother Was The Necessity Behind My Invention.

How Sufficient C LLC Came To Be by Caralyn Vessal


Vitamin C is imperative for a healthy functioning immune system, but getting truly sufficient amounts can be tough, particularly so during times of illness, when the body’s immune system needs increased immune support that always must include high doses of vitamin C! So sad that so many actually lie in hospital beds trying to fight off infections, but rarely if ever receive the vitamin C their immune system desperately needs from their “trusted” physicians.

I experienced this problem first hand when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Like many others, my  mother had been struggling with the physical effects of her chosen conventional cancer treatment while  I was struggling with a lot of worry and concern regarding her treatment. Knowing that the body's need for vitamin C is increased when stressed with illness, it was clear to me that my mother was not getting nearly enough! I think it is fair to say that she was getting tired of dietary supplementation and even professed that she was unwilling to add another vitamin to her daily routine. This was concerning to me because I was certain she was not getting ample foundational nutrients to help support all the challenges that her conventional cancer treatment and disease was presenting. Making matters worse, her treatment was making it increasingly difficult for her to stay adequately hydrated. Consequently numerous and unnecessary emergency room visits for dehydration ensued.

I searched far and wide and soon realized there was nothing on the market with the attributes of a delicious, refreshing beverage to best encourage frequent and compelling hydration, that was amply fortified with high doses of non-GMO vitamin C and generous doses of L-Lysine, Bromelain and a 94% pure green tea extract (EGCG) which are all known for their immune boosting, anti-inflammatory properties when used in the higher, more therapeutic doses. It seemed only natural that a delicious thirst quenching drink mix could be a compelling means to that end for my mother and no doubt the many other patients out there that must be going through the same struggle.

Being that there was nothing on the market that offered true flavor with function I went to work.

In formulating this drink mix, sugar was not an option since it is cancer friendly. It is also counterproductive to ingest vitamin C and sugar at the same time as sugar is also known to impede vitamin C absorption.  It was shocking to me that many vitamin C supplement manufacturers add some form of sugar to their products or if not equally troubling, artificial sweeteners to the detriment of trusting consumers.

An organic grade stevia was the perfect answer. I have always been a stevia proponent. I knew when high quality stevia is used judiciously it could be quite satisfying.

Solubility was equally important. Often “healthier “drink mixes for various reasons, do not fully dissolve in water. It is not at all appetizing to see particles floating, sinking or sticking to the side of a beverage glass. As a result, it was imperative that my drink mix be 100% water soluble.

Sufficient-C® offers flavor with function in the form of a hydrating, satisfying immune supportive drink mix . It is a refreshing, seamless  solution for those that are tired of the daunting task of swallowing many pills and capsules and simply need more. Now every person, regardless of where they lie on the health spectrum can benefit and actually enjoy flavor with function in each satisfying sip thanks to my mother. In my case, my mother was the necessity behind my invention.

By spreading out the dosing throughout the day, immune support can be easily summoned throughout the day just the way mother nature intended even after a primate gene mutation occurred 25-45 million years ago!

Drink with meals, after a hot, steamy work-out or just because... The convenient scoop allows for the ease of customized dosing because as individuals, we all have different needs and circumstances. High dosed supplementation doesn’t get more refreshing nor compelling than Sufficient-C®!

Just add cool spring water, stir and enjoy flavor with function at its very best! We drink to your health!™