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Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C: What's the Real Story? by Dr. Andrew Saul

Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C: What's the Real Story? by Andrew W. Saul, Editor (Sufficient C LLC needed to share (unedited of course) given all the health sabotaging misinformation in our midst.) (OMNS Dec 6, 2013) Heard anything bad lately about ascorbic acid vitamin C? If you haven't, you may have been away visiting Neptune for too long. For nearly four decades, I have seen that, like all other fashions, vitamin-bashing goes "in" and "out" of style. Lately it has (again) been open season on vitamin C, especially if taken as cheap ascorbic acid. Linus Pauling, the world's most qualified advocate of vitamin C, urged people to take pure ascorbic acid powder or crystals. Without having met Dr. Pauling, they are...

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Vitamin C and The Influence It Has on Your Blood Sugar Level

Trying to overcome those evil sugar cravings that always muddy the water when it comes to the health of your immune system?  Knowing our consumers love good news and real solutions, we decided to put together this short, but sweet blog post :) To give a little evolutionary history, we humans had the ability to create our own vitamin C 25-45 million years ago (as we've mentioned numerous times in other blog posts). Due to a gene mutation that occurred during that same time, we no longer have access to that function that synthesized vitamin C from glucose, just as it is accomplished to this day in almost all animals.  However, vitamin C still shares the same transport system in our blood so it actually competes...

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