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I am an avid health nut, and If I could give this product 20 stars I would. I Work at a medical center and it was recommended to me by one of our nurses, I can say honestly I have not gotten sick since using it, which is now over 4 months. I have ordered twice from Amazon and the first shipment took a long time, but I have since heard they sometimes run out of stock, the second order came quickly. If you are even considering this product, just get it, it's worth it. - Lindsy Brown - April 29, 2016


Best Vitamin C on the Planet! 3 drinks of this amazing TONIC removed stubborn bronchitis/pneumonia or nasty cough that’s been plaguing me for years. Now even mucinex was working on curing my nasty chronic cough, so I gave i this a try after doing some research. It’s the best. I will be buy again!! The lemonade peach tastes like diet sprite.

Bebe K. - November 18, 2018 


The flavor of lemon peach is really nice! I liked this product for how quickly you can easily consume a mega dose of vitamin c. Wayyy better taste than emergen-c/airborne and dissolves really easily even in cold water. Jefferson - February 8, 2017


I'm so glad that I gave this a try..its only been a few days taking full dose and I feel amazingly, less stressed and more alert. I upped it today to 3 scoops to see how that feels(see if I get any bowel issues). I think that as a society we are extremely deficient in these simple yet vital nutrients. Thank you! Oena -  September 21, 2016


My favorite way to take vitamin C. Suz - August 14, 2016


No doubt, this is the best vitamin C powder on the market since I have been tried sooo many different brand of vitamin C powder. It was tasty, easy on the stomach, None GMO, have green tea extract without caffeine, L-lysine hydrochloride and bromelain. But I still have no opportunity to test how effective it helps with cold/flu symptom(knock on wood). I will order more if it really help me to avoid the nasty bugs. Owen - January 28, 2016


Absorption, Absorption, Absorption folks! This one is a keeper. You can taste the stevia in it a little bit and it's not bad, pretty good IMO. If it's a bit to strong I just add a little water to my taste and WahLah. Tangy taste of lemon and peach and on ice it's pretty darn good! FULLY dissolves in water without any grit - NO GRIT - WOW!

Comparing to a pill form or a chewable tablet this is much easier on your digestive system and you are getting much higher if not 100% of the VIT C absorbed. I have noticed sustained energy throughout the entire day without peaks and valleys, I stopped having coffee after work because I don't need a pick me up now.

I want to say this goes down super smooth, it's like drinking a lemonade with peaches. Cant wait until my next glass...it's a refreshing drink.
I have tried other forms of powder VIT C and I find this one superior with no grid factor, nice taste and not the super tartness of others. I will definitely be buying this one again. - Solar Heater - February 18, 2016


"My daughter has been struggling with leaky gut and Glutenizer has been a tremendous help in her healing process". E. Soltis - June 26, 2017


This product has changed my life! I have gluten sensitivity so when I know I am going to come in contact with some wheat products, I bring my Glutenizer and drink up! It has relieved the bloating and uncomfortable feeling that I get when exposed to too much gluten/wheat. I love this product! - Mary Robertson -  January 15, 2017


A Plus Product! Although I am not very sensitive to gluten, I tried this product hoping it would help my indigestive and bloating problems and I could not be happier. I drink Gluentizer before lunch and dinner and my stomach issues have already been improved after only a couple weeks! I am glad I found a natural remedy for the constant pain I was having! - Kerri G. - June 30, 2017