High Blood Pressure - The Missing Cause?


Can your arteries actually be suffering from Scurvy? You're probably thinking, “who in the heck has Scurvy in this day and age and how does this disease that comes from a lack of vitamin C have anything to do with my arteries?” Trust us, you wouldn't be the only one.

FYI...While actually dying from Scurvy in the U.S. is rare, suffering from sub clinical Scurvy is very common under our sorely low, current RDA guidelines for Vitamin C. In fact, a little over one orange a day has been deemed sufficient. However, Linus Pauling has shown that it only takes a mere 10 milligrams to prevent scurvy, but several grams to prevent a heart attack.

While you might not be totally convinced about the role vitamin C plays in your over-all cardiovascular health, at this point it bears repeating that our ancestors had a huge advantage in the vitamin C department. They were actually able to create vitamin C as needed. That means they were able to provide  large amounts of collagen to support their coronary arteries as well as their skin, ligaments, tendons and everything else that holds the human body together because that is precisely what collagen does…it’s a binder and it is necessary for holding our arteries together!

Arteries need a lot of collagen or they weaken over time. After all, they are stressed 24/7 with the vital job of supplying blood to your heart. How can you help keep your arteries in tip-top shape? The answer is adequate dosing of Vitamin C and its synergistic partner L-lysine throughout your day to keep your arteries in tip-top shape!. Both are among the top players in the production of artery supporting collagen. L-lysine has the added benefit of preventing cholesterol from literally sticking around, making a permanent home in your arteries.

It is a fact that a heart attack occurs if the arteries that enable the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart suddenly become blocked.

 Unfortunately, help for these weak blood vessels will ultimately come in one form or another. In absence of sufficient amounts of collagen, Mother Nature amazingly provides cholesterol lipoprotein “bandages” (a.k.a sticky plaque) to support and mend weak blood vessels. These cholesterol bandages do a great job at first, but in the continued absence of vitamin C, over the years they slowly narrow and/or block blood flow in the arteries creating the real possibility of a dangerous heart attack or stroke.

"Plaque deposits are actively engaged in saving our lives —by preventing breakthrough bleeding” Daniel Cobb, O.M.D.

The real threat to our arteries is really a lack of vitamin C since it is necessary in the modulation of cholesterol and the destruction of arterial plaque. If the structure of the artery is strong, cholesterol “bandages” will not be required. It is important to note that digestive disorders such as h.pylori can take a real toll on vitamin C absorption. In these situations, I.V. vitamin C can be administered with good effect.


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*This article is not intended to  treat, diagnose or prevent disease. It is your responsibility to discuss your treatment with your health care professional.

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