The Joy of Preventing and Overcoming a Canker Sore


You'd think a tiny white blotch, inside your mouth, so incredibly small wouldn't be such a huge bother, but these nasty little viral sores are akin to having a sewing needle poking the inside of your mouth 24/7! Worse yet, for some it's like having multiple needles piercing your mouth at the same time making, eating, talking, even gently kissing a loved one a full blown nightmare for up to 8 days!

For those that are lucky enough to have never experienced the dire need to keep your mouth wide open and absent of movement for an extending period of time, I will explain in the hopes you may have a friend or loved one you would like to help.

From day one, the anxious count down to the conclusion of suffering from these acutely painful sores begins. Side note: They get steadily worse until intolerable, before they begin to improve!

If you've found yourself at your wits end, like me, begging your doctor for help, getting responses to your pleas such as"Nothing can be done to treat or prevent canker sores" or "We don't know why some people get them and others don't" is discouraging. In fact, I remember during an office visit, the doctor sharing that he too was tortured with the same while stressed and studying in medical school and left with no choice but to grin and bare it! What???

It took years of suffering, before I learned on my own how to root out a canker sore. Science has confirmed that I was on the right track. However the solution, like with all things, will need to start with you.

Canker sores are small oral viruses that present as painful ulcers in the mucosa of the mouth. Sugar gives these viral infections a lovely breeding ground by lowering your immue system's ability to fight them off. By the way, this goes for all infections, not just canker sores! I can personally confirm that back in the day, when I indulged in too many sweet treats, I paid a big ulcerative price! While sugar, suppresses the immune system and allows canker sores to flourish, it is important to realize that anything that suppresses the immune system will basically have a provirus effect with a lack of vitamin C being a huge contributing factor.

It is a fact that stress, burning the candle, trauma, elation..etc... all contribute to a depletion of vitamin C. Under these circumstances you will need to up your vitamin C game. If you don't, you're at risk. I have also found that increasing my supplementation of L-lysine, one of my favorite virus annihilators proven to considerably shorten the duration of a canker sore as well as increasing my dosing of vitamin C, my other favorite virus annihilator, did wonders for both prevention and shortening the course of my canker sores. They worked so well together that canker sores for me are a thing of the past unless...I happen to bite my cheek. In that case, I also swifty supplement with extremely high doses of both and my accidental bite doesn't develop into a canker sore! Wish I knew this back then, but since I didn't...I want you to know this now.

Back in the day, I didn't have the luxury of our high dosed peach lemonade, Sufficient-C®, but I am grateful that our consumers now do! Typically you will find with ample daily dosing of Sufficient-C® throughout your day, a canker sore won’t develop. If it does, it will be less stubborn and more manageable. Tough times require tougher measures, but Sufficient-C® only acts tough on the inside with the additional anti-inflammatory benefits of our generously dosed Bromelain and our potent 96% pure green tea extract! On the outside it is a naturally sweet (sugar-free of course), satisfying, plant based immune supportive healing treat! Wish I could find that doctor and share this with him :)

If a canker sore pops up in your mouth, NEWS are running low on vitamin C and your immune system needs support. Let your canker sore be your little annoying warning sign so it can actually be good for something and "C to it that it doesn't show up again :)

P.S. Each of us are unique thereby making our respective requirements for vitamin C different. As a general, therapeutic guideline we share the following vitamin C chart recommendations from Dr. Frederick Klenner.

Below Is A Working Summation of Dr. Klenner's Formula:350 mg Vitamin C per kg body weight per day (350 mg./kg./day)

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