Digestive Dilemma - To Eat or To Know What To Eat Is The Complicated Question???

With Spring almost at our doorsteps who doesn't want to feel re-freshed and energetic? If your gut is giving you grief and dragging you down you might want to consider a long term solution for your inability to effectively digest (also known as indigestion). Doing so is not just about relieving yourself of the ugly, painful symptoms that accompany indigestion, but the greater toll it takes on your over-all, long term health.

Whether you call it heart burn, acid reflux disease, GERD,  acid indigestion, even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), before reaching for readily available, modern day chemical solutions posing as digestive "remedies" why not consider natural digestive enzymes as an alternative. Not only will digestive enzymes provide comforting relief from your gastric distress, but they can also help you get your digestion back on track because as Hippocrates put it, "Bad digestion is the root of all evil." 

Hippocrates's quote makes a lot more sense when you realize that just because you make the effort to eat well, does not mean your body is always being nourished well. Your digestive system only absorbs nutrients. It is not capable of absorbing food. Food needs to be broken down into nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars. If you are struggling with the break down process, you are also weakening your immune system. 

Digestive enzymes help you empty your stomach faster. In doing so gas, bloating and thereby aid reflux and the like can be greatly reduced/eliminated.  Focus on how your digestion system got off track , not just your symptoms and you'll be that much closer to a permanent solution. 

If your digestive system can't break it all down for you, we're going to try...

The good newsthe digestive enzymes that were bestowed upon you at birth are what break down your meals into the aforementioned nutrients so you can absorb them. 
The bad news, when you you start to run short of these enzymes you are going to experience problems with your digestion. Your undigested food, stuck in your gut is going to wreak havoc. 
More good news, taking high quality digestive enzymes can effectively provide you with the extra digestive power you need to break down your meals by helping you break down dietary proteins.
Every protein you ingest needs a specific proteolytic enzyme for its digestive task. Without enough of any one particular enzyme, your digestive system can turn on you with precisely the symptoms you keep trying to avoid plus the more severe consequences of nutritional deficiencies.

Many studies have shown that digestive enzymes offer significant improvement in bloating, stomach pain, acid indigestion and gas. However, taking the right enzymes at the right strength is necessary to achieve the right outcome. 

Some foods are better at helping you preserve your digestive enzymes than others...

Raw foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables come naturally jam packed with enzymes and therefore are much easier for you to digest without so much of your own enzymes to help! Conversely, over-cooked or processed foods need your digestive system to lend a lot of help from your personal enzyme bank. Over the years that help will cost you. Not sure if you are running low on digestive enzymes?  If you are suffering, it is happening! 

Another common culprit of "enzyme insufficiency" is chronic stress!   Your body has two modes: sympathetic “fight or flight mode,” and parasympathetic which means “rest and digest mode”. When you're in “fight or flight” mode, digestion is given a very low priority, which means your digestive function, which requires digestive enzyme output, is significantly reduced.  If you find yourself in "fight or flight mode" too often, you are also in what we call  "enzyme insufficiency mode" too often. 

Some people may also be born with less than optimal digestive power leaving them sensitive to particular foods that correlate with their particular sensitivity. Figuring out offending foods is detective work that can really pay off. 

While trying to figure out what your triggers are, stay open to the possibility that you may be dealing with other symptoms that you are mistakingly not attributing to your indigestion such as a skin rash, foggy thinking, sluggish energy, constipation, gas, bloating.

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Your Sufficient C LLC Team 

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