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Traveling can be demanding, stressful and inconvenient, albeit great fun!  While exploring the globe it is important to maintain sufficient vitamin C levels.  Just because you are taking a vacation doesn't mean you should be taking a vacation from vitamin C.

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Because vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, it is imperative to understand that your body does not hold on to it for very long. If you deviate from your vitamin C routine by withholding vitamin C from your immune system (while en route to somewhere for example) you actually become more susceptible to viruses. Here's why...

When mega doses of vitamin  C are regularly consumed, particularly by those that have chronic conditions, it is common to experience what is known as a Rebound Scurvy. Rebound Scurvy occurs after a sudden drop off of vitamin C, resulting in a return of all uncomfortable symptoms (heads-up sinus sufferers!) and a lowered immune response to viruses which will increase the chance of contracting a viral infection as well! Not exactly what you want to happen, while on vacation. Imagine travel insurance that actually tastes great!!!

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