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Is It Feed or Starve?

Remember the saying  “feed a cold, starve a fever” ? As it turns out, nutrients are key to both situations given nutrients provide extra healing energy to fight illness. The digestive process through consumption of food can generate heat and provide nutrients that can also help inhibit replication of a cold virus.  Research has shown that viruses replicate faster in colder conditions. So it can be easier for you to get your nutrient rich vitamins through diet in the scenario of a cold virus without a fever.With a fever, your body is already warm, doing what nature has enabled your immune systems to do, fight off the virus with your own heat! This heat also increases your caloric burn.  Unfortunately, a fever generally also comes...

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Swollen Glands & Vitamin C

Those achy swollen glands are also known as lymph nodes.They play a vital role in the body's ability to fight off infections. They function as filters, trapping viruses, bacteria and other causes of illnesses before they can infect other parts of your body. Common areas where you might notice swollen lymph nodes include your neck, under your chin, in your armpits and in your groin. Good news is that these painful glands alert us that our immune system is working hard trying to fight off an underlying viral and/or bacterial infection. Taking high doses of vitamin C to bowel tolerance ( the point of watery stools ) can be an extremely helpful natural treatment. In fact vitamin C is one of nature's best immune supportive...

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How Much? How Often? Therapeutic Vitamin C Suggestions

We get this question asked a lot!  We've decided to devote this blog post to two of our most frequently asked questions, How much? and How often? Please note we are not physicians and therefore not legally in a position to prescribe, but we thought it would be helpful to share the valuable vitamin C recommendations of both Dr. Klenner and Dr. Cathcart.  As individuals we each lie on a different spoke of the health spectrum. Therefore each of us will require different amounts of vitamin C. With these doctors' charts, we've included actual links to the pages from which they emanated. It is here where you can obtain even more information related to dosing. Always keep in mind that to sustain a healthy...

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