Is It Feed or Starve?

Remember the saying  “feed a cold,
 starve a fever” ?

As it turns out, nutrients are key to both situations given nutrients provide extra healing energy to fight illness. The digestive process through consumption of food can generate heat and provide nutrients that can also help inhibit replication of a cold virus.  Research has shown that viruses replicate faster in colder conditions. So it can be easier for you to get your nutrient rich vitamins through diet in the scenario of a cold virus without a fever.

With a fever, your body is already warm, doing what nature has enabled your immune systems to do, fight off the virus with your own heat! This heat also increases your caloric burn.  Unfortunately, a fever generally also comes with a loss of appetite. With the absence of an appetite it is very uncomfortable, hence difficult to increase your caloric intake. However, It can be much easier and far more enjoyable to drink because fevers can be very dehydrating hence thirst inducing! Affording your immune system sufficient hydration during a fever relieves it of the additional burden of dehydration.

While fevers dehydrate your system, colds often require mucus to be expelled.  Dried up mucus can stuff those germs inside you, delaying recovery and thereby creating an environement that is very inviting to a secondary bacterial infection. This is why hydration is important in both scenarios.


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