We love the common sense approach of Riordan Clinic. When we read their blog, we had to share it. Here is the link to the entire piece by Ron Hunninghake, MD - https://riordanclinic.org/2020/12/staying-well-in-the-time-of-covid/

Below is a "meat and potatoes" excerpt 😊  

COVID-19 and Complex Chronic Illness

Against this modern backdrop of several worldwide disease epidemics, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, degenerative arthritis, depression, and dementia – enter the coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus, COVID-19 is the disease. The critical point here is that the virus is not the disease. The disease varies in severity and lethality depending upon the relative health, or lack of health, in the afflicted patient. In late September of this year, the CDC estimated that 40% of SARS-CoV-2 infections are asymptomatic, and 50% of transmissions occur before symptoms appear. Their concern is that people who do not have any infection symptoms may be unknowingly spreading the virus.

Why are these patients surviving without symptoms while so many others are dying?! A better question: do asymptomatic people have a “low viral load” or a “high reserve of immunity?”

Some have argued that it is merely a question of having an adequate supply of virus-specific antibodies. This view supports the notion that the vaccine will be the ultimate answer to the pandemic. Yet, antibodies represent only half of a competent immune response. The other half is comprised of the innate immune system, otherwise known as cellular immunity. These are your neutrophils, lymphocytes, and a whole cadre of specialized defense cells. These cells, like all cells, require better nutrition and better underlying HEALTH for better cellular functioning.

Better Functioning Immune Cells

Back in April of this year (and revisited in this issue), Health Hunters contained a small article titled: “Immunity Support & Function: Supplement Protocol.” Dr. Lucas Tims suggested five supplements to support our immune cells year round. These recommendations are based upon a comprehensive, well-referenced article published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine earlier this year. 2

Without question, Vitamin C is perhaps the best-studied molecule on the planet. Many studies show Vitamin C’s effectiveness (especially when used in higher-than-RDA doses) against viral infections in general. Now, emerging research demonstrates that the appropriate use of Vitamin C and other key strategies are reliable adjunctive support in the acute and post-infection care of hard-hit COVID patients. 3

For the last 45 years at Riordan Clinic, we test the baseline serum level of Vitamin C in every patient. Most chronically ill patients run a subnormal or severely deficient level of serum ascorbate on admission to our services.

The Immunity Support Protocol also includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Selenium. In addition to commonly testing low in laboratory evaluations, these nutrients notably rank high in scientific support for enhancing cellular immunity. Indeed, many other nutrients could warrant an honorable mention when it comes to immunity. The single best way to determine which nutrients are most important for your body is to test for deficiencies and then supplement according to your results.


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