Why Quality, Generously Dosed, Digestive Enzymes Work To Treat Indigestion


That feeling...bloated belly, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, acid indigestion, nausea...this awful list is not just a list of uncomfortable and painful symptoms, but also the sign of malabsorption which is the worser of these two evils. Why? If you are struggling to absorb, your immune system is also struggling to get what it needs to succeed.  

Nature, via your pancreas, was designed to supply you with a spectrum of digestive enzymes needed to break down your nutritious meals into smaller molecules so the nutrients within your food can be absorbed efficiently. These precious nutrients provide you with energy and the ability to repair and heal. However...when your body is struggling to meet its enzyme demand, you can pretty much count on the aforementioned symptoms that you just want to go away!

You all know individuals that struggle to digest dairy and of course those that struggle to digest gluten, but did you know that you can potentially struggle to digest any protein, if your gut is out of whack, meaning your enzyme production is too low to optimally meet demand? That gas and bloating literally displaces stomach acid from undigested food 🤢 to areas you don't want it going, hence that awful burn.

A generously dosed, full spectrum enzyme supplement can be a dependable treatment for unpleasant gastric issues.

Our Glutenizer® Force Plus kiwi strawberry digestive-ade drink mix not only offers a full spectrum blend of generously dose, plant-based digestive enzymes, it also boasts 2,000 mg. of non-GMO vitamin C for gut and immune health as well!  

Glutenizer® Force Plus offers natural relief without compromising the stomach acid you need and also offers you a refreshing, sweet kiwi-strawberry digestive solution because over here... we truly know how to mix-it-up. 😊


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