Vitamin C ONCE-A-DAY is Passé!

We hear this all the time "Of course, I take vitamin C". After further inquiry we learn that many consumers are either just taking it in the morning or after a sniffle comes on... This is not an efficient nor adequate way of taking "C"

So today's blog post is dedicated to the topic of frequency

To expect the best result from vitamin C ingestion one needs to understand that they have to be "full of it", in a good way of course :). Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and therefore is not stored for long. Certain parts of the body have higher concentrations of vitamin C than others, but all of our parts need this crucial vitamin to be replaced frequently throughout the day for optimal health.  The small amount of vitamin C needed to prevent scurvy will not prevent nearly every other ailment.  While death from Scurvy is certain, a chronic deficiency of vitamin C, over time will cause an array of chronic illnesses that never have a favorable outcome unless quantity and frequency is addressed.

 I will borrow Dr. Andrew Sauls' barrel example to illustrate vitamin C depletion and how best to avoid it. A water barrel with a hole three quarters of the way down, will not be able to hold much water. However, if that same water barrel is continually filled, it will hold water for a longer period of time. The same goes for vitamin C. If you can keep your immune system fortified (filled) all day, you will be far better able to reap the bounty of vitamin C benefits. If you slack off, the barrel will lose its contents or just hold barely enough water below the hole, or in your human case, enough vitamin C to prevent scurvy.  While that description was modified a get the point.  This is what happens when single doses of vitamin C are given once a day. Your blood level is only very briefly and inefficiently increased.

Many will notice that 10-20 grams of vitamin C throughout the day, will make for a reasonable baseline to sustain strong immune support. However the gram requirement  will most definitely increase with illness, making it more difficult to reach bowel tolerance, the ultimate test of proper therapeutic dosing. Dosing, like everything else in life will require adjustments. 

 Sufficient-C® High Dose Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix  was made with frequency in mind. While illness causes the immune system to burn through vitamin C, so does an intense workout, emotional crises, stress at home, work or school and an all too common occurrence...lack of sleep!

Consider refreshing, delightful Sufficient-C® your go-to immune fuel solution to keep you going strong because you have a long life ahead of you that requires your full ( and full-of-it ) participation!



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