The Highs and Lows of Collagen Production


Vitamin C is the glue that holds your body together! We call it "Make-you-crazy glue" because without sufficient amounts of vitamin C, your immune system will, over time experience ailments that will leave you in a crazy frenzy to heal and repair. 

Collagen is not only responsible for smooth, healthy skin and connective tissue. Collagen also keeps the inside of your arteries and veins smooth and flexible so they can stretch and remain resilient when the heart pumps blood so it can seamlessly circulate throughout your body.

When arteries begin to first weaken, arterial plaque is created to patch them up. Think of a flat tire that continues to get patched over time. Eventually the tire will become too weak and fragile for long road trips. As the integrity of the tire continues to be compromised, the tire risks a blow out. Making matters worse is the long term use of  cholesterol lowering medication. By lowering the body's ability to produce cholesterol, temporary repairs can not even be made!  Arteries are left weak, fragile and risk thinning out and rupturing. This is not only crazy this is life threatening! 

When Nobel Prize winner, Dr.  Linus Pauling announced that Atherosclerosis (plaque deposits a.k.a. cholesterol) was not the cause of heart disease, but rather a symptom of vitamin C deficiency ( scurvy of the arteries) most members of the medical community treated him the way Pythagoras was treated after discerning the earth was indeed round not flat. By addressing plaque deposits with high doses of collagen producing vitamin C , high blood pressure is naturally addressed as well.

Vitamin C does not carry a one-size-fits-all dosage solution. Your correct dosage can be ten times your friend's, possibly more. The RDA (recommended daily allowance ) is not a therapeutic guideline. Whatever your dose winds up to be, higher dosing of vitamin C will keep you producing ample collagen.

*Note, talk to your doctor about managing your blood pressure. Never go off blood pressure medicine without consulting your doctor first. This blog is in no way meant to diagnose or treat.

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