How to Get and Keep That Vitamin C Glow

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin with tremendous antioxidant properties. It is famous for trying to combat the common cold. However, we can go so much deeper to uncover its virtues, but for today's blog we are only going skin deep :)

It's time we learned how to hold it together (to obtain tight, firm skin that is...) Collagen is the main structural protein in your skin akin to a girdle. It not only holds your skin together, it does the same for your ligaments and tendons too! Before I start going on a tempting tangent that would take us deeper than the skin and start focusing on the joints and immune system at large, I'd like to pull myself back and simply remind us that collagen is the foundation of all proteins and it is synthesized through Vitamin C. Increasing your vitamin C intake will not only make your skin look healthier, your skin will actually be healthier as a reflection of a healthier you!

The youthful glow that you might think comes from an expensive department store cream really comes from sufficient amounts of collagen producing vitamin C!

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin to appear dry with fine lines and wrinkles and therefore diminish its quality.

Pimples while distressing, embarrassing, often painful and possibly itchy are bursts of toxins trying to escape through your skin. The more pimples, the greater the indication there are more toxins trying to exit your system and the more healing that needs to take place. This cycle will continue as long as you continue to be exposed to toxins. Investigative work to uncover what these toxins may be is in order. Look at your diet. Is it comprised of overly processed, chemically laden food? Perhaps you adhere to a healthy diet, but you have a particular food sensitivity that is disrupting the absorption of vital nutrients? Topical creams and ointments can also be to blame.

Again, before running to the department store beauty counter for an expensive "cure", consider the following:

  • Vitamin C prevents a component of sebum called squalene from oxidizing and turning into squalene peroxide, a substance that effectively blocks pores.
  • High doses of vitamin C in the skin can directly control the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals behind acne

Wounds require significantly more collagen synthesis, making vitamin C an effective tool in wound healing. As we know Scurvy is a disease that results in poor collagen synthesis leading to a disrupted healing process and fragile, blood vessels.  Those black and red subcutaneous spots you often spot on senior citizens arms and legs are more than likely the sign of a vitamin C deficiency. Yet why are these seniors not being guided toward vitamin C to strengthen their blood vessels???

Vitamin C has been found very effective in the treatment and prevention of skin infections such as  sepsis in the higher doses, including those doses that are obtained through intravenous Vitamin C. Vitamin C is Mother Nature's original, anti-biotic remedy.

Since vitamin C is not stored in the body, diet and frequent supplementation are both key to getting sufficient amounts.  Our government suggests a ridiculously low 75 mg per day for women and 90 mg for men.  To put these numbers in perspective, a medium size orange provides a mere 50 mg. of vitamin C! A 150 pound animal produces approximately 15,000 mg. a day and more when more is needed! Sounds like a puzzling low FDA recommendation if there ever was one.

Larger doses of vitamin C are recommended by most complementary healthcare providers. Perhaps it's time you started spoiling your skin by treating it to the higher doses of Vitamin C. Your immune system will give thanks in infinite ways and the superficial reward will be a smooth, supple vitamin C glow. Drenching your skin and your thirst in Sufficient-C® High Dose Vitamin C Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix the most refreshing, satisfying and thirst quenching way to ramp up your immune system, support a healthy inflammation response and promote collagen synthesis. Fill yourself up by simply mixing it up with Sufficient-C®


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