Stress and Vitamin C, The Important Connection

This relationship is key to a healthy functioning immune system

Looking for a burst of energy?

Did you know that your adrenal glands are among the organs with the highest concentration of vitamin C in your body?

When your adrenal glands become exhausted so will you. After all, your adrenal glands help you deal with stress.  They are very vulnerable to fatigue given they are responsible for your fight-or-flight response. Generally the more stress you have in your life, the more vitamin C your adrenal glands will need to operate effectively. 

Vitamin C is the fuel your adrenal glands depend upon. You must keep up with their demand for vitamin C for proper cortisol production and for a healthy functioning immune system. 

Without sufficient, daily, vitamin C support, your whole body is in effect running on empty and thereby left with a weakened immune response and a far greater susceptibility to viruses and potentially chronic disease, particularly so if inadequate vitamin C levels are not addressed over time.

In short, if you've been struggling with fatigue, it makes sense to increase the frequency and quantity of vitamin C in your diet each day.

We believe that the flavor you crave and the vitamin C that your adrenal glands crave can be one of the same. With Sufficient-C® Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix, flavor with function is just a  refreshing, high dosed glass away. 

With Sufficient-C® we didn't just stop with 4,000 mg. of vitamin C per glass, we added generous doses of L-lysine, bromelain and a 94% pure, caffeine-free green tea extract in a sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and truly natural recipe too! We hope that you decide to mix it up with us!

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