How To Have Healthy Heat-filled Days...

How To Have, Healthy, Heat-filled Days...(and beat the heat :))

Let's face it, for those in the northeast, to say we've been eagerly awaiting these heat filled months is an understatement!  However sun and heat can take its toll on your precious immune system. Viruses like Coxsackievirus can really put a major damper on this longed for time of year. 

If you play by the rules, you'll be fine. So without further ado, here are the rules :)

1. Vitamin C helps build your immune system to protect against weather and season related illnesses like Coxsackievirus and helps to protect the skin from sun damage given its healing and collagen supportive benefits.  However it always bares repeating that consistent, frequent, sufficient dosing of vitamin C is key. Just to bring home the importance of this statement, Dr. Robert Cathcart found that with Coxsackievirus 100 -150 grams of vitamin C is needed per 24 hours in dived doses of 8-10 times!  That's a lot of vitamin C, but if you or your child has ever had Coxsackievirus it is well worth the effort given your M.D. will tell you that you just have to wait it out as there is no cure. Given each minute with Cocksackievirus can feel like an eternity, especially when you need to swallow. You just may find Dr. Cathcart's prescription well worth the effort!

2.Hydration is key! You should not wait until you feel thirsty to drink during the summer months especially if you are perspiring. Sufficient-C® Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix not only offers refreshing, satisfying, sugar-free hydration, it is fortified with up to 4,000 mg. vitamin C, plus generous doses of L-lysine, Bromelain and a patented, 94% pure green tea extract too! Healthy hydration doesn't get better than Sufficient-C®!

3. Know the waters in which you are navigating! Swimming in oceans, lakes, even swimming pools is not always a  totally benign activity. From rip tides, to pollution, to chlorine need to heed this tip before you dip! 

4. No need to mention the importance and comfort of wearing lightweight clothing as we imagine it's a given, but light, sun protective garments are great alternatives to dangerous sun screens that contain dangerous oxybenzone, which is commonly found in nearly 65% of the non-mineral sunscreens on the market and is also known to causes allergic, skin reactions. Research is currently being conducted on suspected hormone disruption in children and adults as well. Oxybenzone has even been known to permeate its way into mother's milk!  Ugh!

5. Eat a wide variety of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables and do not underestimate the importance of dietary supplementaton because it is nearly impossible to get all the vitamins you need from diet alone.


Now go outside and play :)


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