Defending Yourself Against Infection

Are you an offensive or defensive player when it comes to immune support? 

Those that prefer the Offense position will focus on building an immune fortress every day. In doing so they will use nutrition to arm themselves knowing that  generous helpings of vitamins, minerals and amino acids handle the immune battle efficiently and naturally by actively mobilizing their innate immunity.

Your innate immune system is your body's barrier system which aims to keep viruses, bacteria and parasites out of your body and/or stifle their mobility.

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The antioxidant, vitamin C needs to be the foundation of your immune fortress and here's why... 

Vitamin C protects against environmental and oxidative stress particularly well when it is able to accumulate in your cells. Unfortunately vitamin C gets depleted rapidly during exposure to infections and stress. Sufficient supplementation of vitamin C maintains the integrity of your cells by preventing  them from becoming drained thereby enabling you to resist and reduce infection. Given that we can not live our lives in a bubble and are forced to interact in a world of bacteria and infectious agents, it is important to know that we can fight back by playing offense with a strong immune fortress built upon a strong vitamin C foundation.

If Defense is your preferred position, you will always be running behind the train. Once ill, the quantity of vitamin C that you need to get well is far greater.  Good news is that vitamin C remains effective, but you have to ramp up your efforts if you want to recover using a natural model and must adhere to the  bowel tolerance method of dosing. If you choose any of  the "anti" class of drugs, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, antivirals will not be boosting your immune system...rather you will be  leaving your immune system in its weakened, unprotected state ( many argue...even weaker state) by merely suppressing your symptoms, not overcoming them

Trading quick, short lived relief in lieu of real healing as time marches on takes a great toll on your precious immune system, often resulting in chronic illness which can become even more challenging to treat.

We know that common cold viruses are highly contagious, yet there are always those that seem to magically repel them.  We would argue its not magic...It's vitamin C😊

Sufficient-C® High Dose Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix* is so much more than just another vitamin C supplement. In addition to the 4,000 mg. of Vitamin C per serving, this refreshing drink mix offers generous doses of L-lysine, Bromelain and a 94% pure and patented green tea extract in a sugar-free, organic stevia sweet, gluten-free. kosher and non-GMO drink mix that is also a perfect thirst quencher!

Consider taking the Sufficient-C® challenge and "C" for yourself why Sufficient-C® has made boosting the immune system a compelling, effective treat.  



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