7 Incredible Facts About Vitamin C That Might Be Under Your Radar

7 Incredible Facts About Vitamin C
That Might Be Under Your Radar


We are assuming that since we find Vitamin C absolutely fascinating, you do too!  With that being said, we have collected some facts about vitamin C outside of its ability to bolster the immune system at large, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation,  that might be of interest to you. Ready, set...here we go...

Did you know...

1. The reason new born babies get jaundice is a lack of vitamin C!  Jaundice is actually a protective, antioxidant response to low levels of vitamin C.  Pregnant and nursing mothers need to be aware of this fact since pregnancy and especially delivery put a tremendous stress on the mother and can easily deplete her levels and thereby her baby's if she does not keep up with her vitamin C consumption through diet and supplementation. 

2. Urinary tract infections can be treated with Vitamin C! Large amounts of vitamin C inhibit the growth of bacteria by acidifying the urine. High dosing of vitamin C has been shown to be an effective prophylactic as well! For those that are skeptical, this is a gamble worth taking given if it doesn't work you can always go the antibiotic route, right? We just don't think that you will have too.


3. Acne breakouts can be avoided and treated with vitamin C! Even if you have a clean diet you still may suffer from those dreaded breakouts and left wondering...Why?? 😩 We live amongst toxins and bacteria a.k.a free radicals. The only way to over power them with a proper fight,  is with vitamin C. These disturbing free radicals break down the proteins and fatty acids that make up the skin, leaving it vulnerable to breakout-causing bacteriaVitamin C breaks down these free radicals and is a fantastic weapon in your fight for healthy, clear skin. Let's "face" it...some of you have tried everything to no avail...Why not give high dose vitamin C a go?


4. Vitamin C helps vegetarians absorb iron or anyone eating non-animal protein meals. The enhancement of iron absorption from plant based meals is directly proportional to the quantity of ascorbic acid present. 


5. You are going to love this one...Vitamin C combats weight gain! According to a 2005 Pub Med Study, individuals with adequate vitamin C status oxidize 30% more fat during a period of moderate exercise than individuals with low vitamin C status. Who wouldn't want to embrace this benefit? 


6. Vitamin C is beneficial for diabetics! Vitamin C consumption has proven  to reduce over-all-glucose and insulin levels, protect against diabetic blindness, improve high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-c), and improve blood vessel function. We think this is pretty sweet news for a type 2 diabetic!

7. There is a proven association with vitamin C deficiency and thyroid function. A large experimental study published in the BMC Endocrine Disorders journal reported that all subjects with benign or malignant thyroid disease had low levels of antioxidants, particularly selenium, zinc, and vitamin C. However, while low levels of selenium and zinc were not found in all subjectslow levels of vitamin C were!!! 


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