Lacking Sufficient Amounts of Vitamin C Is Serious Even If You Don't Have Scurvy

You don't have to have full blown Scurvy to be lacking ample vitamin C fortification.

Vitamin C supports collagen production. Collagen literally holds you together! Really! Over time, a lack of vitamin C means that new collagen cannot be formed. This causes a break down in collagen dependent soft tissue. There will be issues with the quality of your skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles when vitamin C is lacking. This is certainly information that athletes, exercise enthusiasts and those that care about the appearance of their skin should take to heart among others...

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables does not mean it is rich in enough vitamin C, nor is a diet low in vitamin C the only reason for a sub clinical deficiency. The following may be at higher risk of being too lo

  • Those struggling with gut disorders notoriously can't absorb nutrients efficiently

  • SMOKERS, prescription/recreational drug users and excessive alcohol drinkers require more vitamin C.

  • Adrenal fatigue sufferers 

  • Those that are anemic

  • Those suffering with a thyroid condition

  • Extreme dieters 

  • Picky eaters

  • Pregnant/breast feeding women

The following can be symptoms of vitamin C deficiency:

  • multiple infections that do not resolve on their own

  • poor wound healing

  • high blood pressure ( collagen is necessary for the integrity of the blood vessel walls)

  • fatigue

  • muscle and joint pain

  • bleeding under the skin, presenting as reddish bruises

  • swollen/bleeding gums

  • autoimmune disorders

An immune system weakened by a lack of vitamin C over time, is susceptible to chronic disease. 

How much is enough? Dr. Klenner's chart is a wonderful reference, but keep in mind that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to vitamin C recommendations:

Sufficient-C® high dose vitamin C lemon peach immune-ade drink mix can easily help you get the supplemental vitamin C that you need. Our refreshing recipe was made to conveniently fit into your day because we know how important it is for you to hold yourself and a healthy life together. 



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