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How To Have Healthy Heat-filled Days...

It needn't be a challenge keeping your immune system strong during the sweltering heat of summer. We're here to help you navigate these "seasonal waters" with smart advice for you and your family...

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Summer, Sunburn, Vitamin C and You

Short term skin damage is caused by UVB rays which are high intensity rays absorbed at the skin’s surface and long term skin damage is caused by lower intensity UVA rays which penetrate the skin more deeply and contribute to those dreaded wrinkles, acceleration of aging skin and even skin cancer. While suncreens offer help, they often contain toxic ingredients such as oxybenzone and methoxycinnamate that you don't want on your skin. Nothing other than sun-blocking clothing and zinc will completely eliminate sun rays from penetrating your skin and in actuality you want to expose your skin in moderation to the sun because the sun's ultra violet rays create Vitamin D  which is essential in supporting: bone health cancer prevention the immune system protection against dementia the healing effects of skin disorders...

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This is a real issue. For robust health, vitamin C is a necessity!

The same scurvy made famous by pirates and British sailors from the 1700s, who would go for months or years at sea without fresh produce, experiencing symptoms from bleeding gums, unexplained swelling, bruises, fatigue. rashes and hemorrhaging is around today as crazy as that may seem!

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