When Your Arteries Have Had Enough of Not-Having-Enough!


Healthy arteries need to be flexible so they are able to contract with the pulsing of blood. While all arteries have the potential to weaken, the arteries that are subjected to the most stress are the ones that provide blood flow to the heart and brain. They need to remain tireless as they have a critical responsibility a.k.a. keeping you alive! 

Most are well aware that arteries can become blocked due to fatty deposits and cholesterol that narrow the artery. These deposits are primarily believed to be the result of a diet that is high in fats and cholesterol. They cause the heart to pump harder than necessary to push blood past the buildup. This stress from increased pressure can damage the arteries over time and leave them vulnerable to wearing out! When this happens it is called an aneurysm.

What is an aneurysm? Mayo Clinic defines an aneurysm as "an abnormal bulge or ballooning in the wall of a blood vessel. An aneurysm can burst (rupture), causing internal bleeding which can lead to death."

While the lucky heart attack or stroke victim survives, the question begs to be asked...How can this be prevented from happening again?

We also know that the arteries when not sufficiently nourished can wear out over timeThe good news is that Mother Nature has provided in her arsenal of remedies, a proper way to to keep arteries strong and healthy at all ages! The key though is getting enough...enough vitamin C that is! 

We have Dr. James Lind, a Scottish surgeon to thank for the discovery that a deprivation of vitamin C, in some cases in as little as four weeks resulted in death for sailors in 1747 who were deprived fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Scurvy causes the body, in essence, to fall apart or haemorrhage. But is the amount of vitamin C  found in todays fruit and vegetables enough to hold our arteries together for the long term? 

Hemorrhages... Aneurysms...The Connection

We  know that collagen, the glue that holds the body together...and yes, that includes the arteries, requires ample vitamin C! One can not argue that where there is "logic-smoke" there is fire!


Healthy collagen production keeps the arteries strong and pliable. A deficiency of Vitamin C can not support proper collagen production and micro-tears can ensue if not addressed.  Mother Nature doles out a temporary remedy known as cholesterol in the early stage of this wear and tear process. Yep! You read that right... CHOLESTEROL! Note: This bears repeating as we so often do...Cholesterol is not the demon you may have thought it be.

If arteries are weak and need a temporary repair job, similar to a patch for a flat tire, your body, courtesy of Mother Nature, will ramp up cholesterol production to create what we have termed "cholesterol patches" where needed. However, if a dietary deficiency of vitamin C is not addressed, over time the arterial walls will continue to weaken. Consequently, more cholesterol will be created, which in turn will narrow the artery with these "cholesterol patches" and that over time, will certainly create a high pressure, dangerous situation!

Can you imagine though,  how much more susceptible you may become to an aneurysm if your body is somehow not able to produce cholesterol to make these repairs and continues to be denied vitamin C?  For those on cholesterol medication, that have not addressed dietary deficiencies, particularly vitamin C in this case, this is a real and dangerous problem!

Therefore logic dictates that we increase our vitamin C consumption which in turn will signal our body to create more collagen which will in turn support strong arteries, which will in turn reduce the need for the body to create more cholesterol in the first place, which will ultimately reduce the possibility of falling victim to an aneurysm!! Try saying all that ten times real fast!!!

Live well and in doing so we strongly urge you to do your vitamin C research. After all, its called a VITA-min for a pretty significant reason. Vitamin C is vital to life especially when you get a sufficient amount! Knowledge is power and you absolutely can support your arteries.

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This article is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition nor replace  medical treatment. Please consult your doctor to discuss your options and to receive comprehensive medical care. 



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